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the aim is to help our clients "feel better"

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At wàn, we offer an approach of integrating acupuncture with a combination of dietary, lifestyle and mindfulness techniques. Every program is tailored for each person’s unique needs. 

The aim is to help our clients “feel better”. This can include those who are looking to restore their optimal health, seeking preventative care, reducing facial wrinkles or a combination.

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Restoring optimal health

Are you struggling from a health problem that does not seem to be responding to conventional treatment?

Do you have stubborn symptoms that seem to keep re-occurring?

Are you looking for an effective, holistic and more natural approach to treating your health problems?

This is a holistic treatment to get to the root of the problem for long-lasting relief, and to minimize the symptoms as far as possible. 

Depending of your health conditions, the treatment can take place regularly for a number of weeks. We will help you find the right path to recovery that works with your lifestyle and the condition of your health.

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Our body encounters daily challenges that could lead to imbalances. Over time, the accumulation of these imbalances may present itself as symptoms, such as pain, sleep disturbances, mood changes, abnormal digestion, headaches, menstrual irregularities etc.

Preventative acupuncture sessions help to rebalance the body on a regular basis, typically on a monthly basis. It supports the body, strengthens the system and helps to reduce or even avoid the symptoms from arising.

In addition, the monthly session provides the opportunity to identify the imbalances in the early stages so they can be resolved before the symptoms continue to worsen.

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Facial Skincare & Rejuvenation

Facial skincare combines body and facial acupuncture to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This ultimate facial experience will leave the facial skin hydrated, toned and rejuvenated.

This is a regular treatment that includes preventative care.

Traditional Chinese medicine approaches beauty from the inside, by bringing an internal balance and harmony which ultimately reflects externally on the face.

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